Tuesday, May 18, 2004

5:13 pm
bonjourno all---
what is up?
today = ap world we watched "the last saamurai" and i went to see dr. KR to figure out about spotlight vs. creative writing... i have not totally decided yet but i think that if megs is in my class for sure and if i can most definitely take creative writing w/ KR senior year, then i will do spotlight. but the clairey has a way of changing her mind over and over and over.. and it gets annoying after awhile. either way it'll work out. chem = work that none of us really did. andy got that old song stuck in my head: "they made up their minds and they started packing... they left before the sun came up that day... la la la la la la la la la la la la la... but where were they going without ever knowing the way?" yeah so. and daniella figured out that i need to make a 70 on the final to keep my A. *cross fingers* french = presentations that were NOT MINE!!!!!!!!!!! god i am soooo happy that is over. phew phew phew. lunch was not as fun, paul was inside, LK was with ms. R, and lizzie and nazia and i sat outside on the bench. then in english we did PSAT testing etc... oooh fun fun fun. mike and adrian were annoying the CRAP out of me, they would not shut up and he kept throwing things... blaaagh. then i came home and mom and i went to publix to get stuff for my quiche lorraine since i am making one for culture day demain... and now i am back here.
study for chem final
decide about elective
make quiche (2- 1 for dinner tonighT)
wash clothes
start packing for FL
starting writing teacher notes
get film
write nazia
make arthur cards

tomorrow will be fuuun!!!! why??
culture day!
arthur game day! (ok not as fun but whatever)
caribou with mollie, david, and austin!!
wed. night supper = talent show!! megs, allie, robby drumming

ok that is all. megan must sign my yearbook. hrm.

ps- my darling squishy YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *think loverly thoughts* *listen to good music* *dance in the rain* *cook good food* *eat chocolate* *keep your spirits up by whatever means possible (as long as it's legal lol)* and *have HOPE!*

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