Monday, May 17, 2004

5:10 pm
ok i am back. hehe.
yesterday was fun. it was confirmation sunday and there were all the little sevvies. god we are old!! robby and i: hey, when candler gets up there, we should start yelling and screaming for him! GIMME A C! GIMME AN A! GIMME A N! GIMME A D! etc. etc. but then we realized his name is too long. haha. i had fun. the ladies sang "the storm is passing over" quite wonderfully, but i was happy to be in the balcony with my homies. hehe. most of them. i guess mollie was too bash-wiped to come. or something. i haven't seen her in awhile and since i am off for FLA on sunday i dunno when i will next, esp. since she is going to TIP someday.. dunno quite when. ANYWAY. went home and worked on my french project. it was to make a scrapbook of our "trip" (imaginary) to a french-speaking country (mine = france- hahaha) and we had to present it and say our memories and stuff in french. this = final grade. i pretty much just started hier. oh well.
so then went to choir. not many people were there at all, but we practiced "guide my feet" for sunday and listened to the concert CD, which i am listening to now- it turned out extremely well. festival sanctus reallllly reminds me of seventh grade a TON. haha good times hehe. anyway... megs, addy, and i did these funny interpretive dances to the songs. it was hilarious. and wes pointed out the "cougher".
then we went and hung out in the fellowship hall before parent appreciation night. not many parents came but it was still fun. we had lots of yummmmmy desserts @ our disposal. david AND austin came!!! eeee!! AND buffy!!!! yay an alumni night! whoohoo! i love those soo much. and i hung out with my crew (sang some irish drinking songs while we were at it) and we played parent-kid games and talked. and chris and i swapped yearbook notes. i love him and i will miss him greatly when he leaves for NC in the fall. but he's right, when we are old and toothless we will still be friends. god, please grant that to be a reality. and say hey to our new presidents, megs and addy! i'm happy for them, even though i would like to be a president someday and feel a teeny bit left out, but they will be the best ever and we will ROCK it on billy browns, etc.!! we are sooooo old!!!!!!!!! hehahaha. i love my gals. there is a WONDERFUL picture of marty, emmy, megs, addy, me, and allie that george c. took @ sr. banquet and we are all having so much fun and we all look great and it is all my gals together! (sans the mollster whom i miss) YAYAY!
after that, we came home, and i worked on my french project from 9-2 am. yeah, it was rough. but it was my last rough spot before SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMER! then i went to bed around 2:30 and slept til 8:30... then got up and finished the project, then mom took me into school around 10, just in time for chemistry! wahoooo! (not) but it wasn't that bad. it's fun working with lauren, andy, and soffe. and i understand what's going on i think. then french was good... i presented my project and it went well! so now i am DONE WITH IT! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhleluia! at lunch we sat outside but it was sooo freakin hot.. oh well, it was funny. i love paul and lizzie. they totally crack me up. english was great- we walked to lullwater and kady mac was there!!! so everyone else went up on the hill but megs and i went over to see her esp. cause she had a blanket hehehe and we sat and talked for 45 minutes or so. it was so nice. i really enjoyed it. then on the way back, megs and ms. crow tried to convince me to do spotlight. maybe i will... ugh, decisions decisions. dang. i thought i was done with those for awhile! hmmmmmm... also austin, david, and myself might go get coffee sometime this week. that would be fun. yawn. it is time to go do something else... but first i am gonna tell addy that i updated so she can read it all. :)
4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!
love yall

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