Thursday, May 20, 2004

4:56 pm
in the words of jean val jean:
:) wow. wow. yay!
today was breakfast club (the last one of the year) and it was yummy and fun. i took a picture of my pancakes. haha yes i am strange like that. then i went to school.. finished "the last samurai" in ap world. KATSUMOTO ROCKS!!! man ken wantanabe totally deserved his oscar nomination. then we went on to the TWO TOWERS! hehehe yesss. coach flowers and i were trading LOTR trivia back and forth but we both knew all of it already b/c we own the extended versions (which is what we were watching). twas enjoyable. in chem we pretty much hung out cause we could study for 3rd pd. exams but i didn't have one. in french we finished presenting and relaxed. at lunch i took pictures. in english we watched the rest of monty python. WOW that ending was bizzarro. i didn't really like the movie. i love my megan. she is wonderful. then i came home. before that i talked with kyle and gave mr. john johnson (my bus driver, haha, awesome name) candy since i am not riding tomorrow. then i came home and watched oprah and finished the cappuchino ice cream. now this. in a little while lizzie is coming over to do chemistry studying. maaan why the hell am i such a coward? i think too much!! just GO! fine. fine. :/ we'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
but it has to be tomorrow

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