Wednesday, May 05, 2004

4:55 pm
today =
went to flowers' room for 1st and 2nd periods. sat around with robby, lizzie, megs, LK, nazia, maggie, daniella, etc. etc. and had a good time and stuff. coach bought doughnuts and fruit and juice and muffins and stuff so we ate breakfast!!! and watched A&E's "most influential people of the millenium." twas enjoyable. he pepped us up and talked us through some stuff. i ate my yummy panera lunch (mom and i went there for dinner last night and i had half a sandwich left over). then we went to the cafeteria for a bit and then we went to the north building and walked over to the building where we were gonna take the test. it was about a 15-minute walk and i hung out with lizzie (we gripped hands and said "pass, pass" hehehehe i loove her), LK, megs, robby, jon jon, etc. etc. then we were in the BUILDING!! and we took the test!!! and the essays!! ahhhhhh!!!! the test was pretty good, the DBQ rocked, the COT was ok, the COM sucked for all of us hehe. then half of us were done so we LEFT!!! heheheeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and we walked back in the nice weather and talked and had a good time. i really enjoy all those peoples' company (the ones i mentioned before). oh and all this morning maggie was trying to steal my water bottle like normal (even once she tried the kitten with rabies one blaaah:P) and then robby tried to steal her purse. twas funny. anyway we got back to the school less than an hour ago and now i am HOME!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i am hungry. maybe i will go eat something. i am soooo happy!!!! it is OVER!! and i don't have to worry about it again til JULY!! heehee. bite nite will be fun. man i still have to do my freakin ERP. how bothersome. oh well.

ps. yesterday night megs and K came over to drop mason off and allie was IMing mase- "he asked me to be his gf and i said yes!!!!!!!!" and we saw and we freaked out and we called her at home and it was funny. hehe. i love my gals.

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