Monday, May 10, 2004

4:45 pm
ooh blogger has a new format thing. weeeeird. anyway. today was fine. normal. ooh i presented my ERP!! :-) YESSSSSSSSSSS you have no idea how happy i am that it is DONE. done done done. it was ok, there was actually a point when i was like: "yeah, i do not know anything about this part at all." and it was ok!! hahaha. flowers still said "excellent." yesssss i am sooo happy i have it out of the way. then i gave robby a copy of my wesley letter (whom i got a response from this afternoon-- comment on that in a minute), then i went to chemistry and we did a lab with dangerous acids, then french and we did vocab and stuff... lunch was fun, told them all about bite nite. paul wants to come next year!! hahaha yay. then english was normal, we watched a video on "arthurian legends." verry interesting. i am in the middle of "the mists of avalon" and i really, really like it so far. then i came home. been talking to dearest addy.
got a response from wesley today. was happy about that but also whenever i get an intelligent response to a critical letter like that which i sent, i feel kind of not smart and "oh well i could have considered it from that side" thing. but i still do think that what i wrote was right and i needed to confirm things and hear things from him. it was a good letter. and now wes wants people to sing "the storm is passing over" on sunday... when all i want to do is sit with my friends!! NOO!
oh yeah also- last night was fun! went to nana and PP's for pizza, cookies, etc. and ML, johnny, allison, brian, and DAN AND LEANN came! when the latter two got there we all raced out to the driveway and hugged them since they are now engaged and all... happy happy. ML gave me this awesome academy awards book!! and isn't it sad, i have already found 2 mistakes. speaking of mistakes, yearbooks are out on wednesday... ok. bye. :)

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