Tuesday, May 11, 2004

4:39 pm
bonjourno peoples
what is up in yalls lives?
ap world = easy. had one ERP and watched the rest of "braveheart" (i half-watched, half-hid my face in my hands) rachael- "i thought they were gonna save him! Someone told me they were! the hero is not supposed to die!" hehe whoops.
chem = boring, easy. it is hard to go to that class after a free period in world history. oh well. stoichiometry test tomorrow but i think i am pretty ready for it.
french = ahhhh! she changed the history/lit test to doing work in the book!! mme juju, je t'adore! :) PHEW but still this project is driving me insane. i hate it! who would have thought it would be so difficult??????? AHHH! a week from today it will all be over, over, over, chant that to yourself, claire, chant, chant, chant... ok shut up.
english = board games for arthurian legends. me, mike, jon jon, and adrian. i enjoy jon jon's company even though this whole "racist" crack got out of control. (loooong story but i am not, just so yall know.) and mike is interesting. our game will be good.
now home = just finished talking to allie and addy and am now gonna go walk puppy dogs with mom- i need some exercise. tonight we are going to the guys' semifinals soccer game @ woodward. GOOOO DEVILS. i was a little unsure but have decided to go now. hopefully twill be fun. bye bye muchos love

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