Saturday, May 01, 2004

4:24 pm
yaaaaaaaawn. saturday. how nice. such a great weekend.
the concert ROCKED beyond all things. YAY!
we all sang well and my solo went really well too. twas all good. yepyepyep. lizzie came!!
the reception was a blast too- hung out with robby, marty, vic (i had no clue that they came til the reception!!!), addy, megs, hamp, george, candler, etc. etc. it was so much fun. i also ate two yummy fudgy brownies. a lot of people complimented me and i felt special. hehehe. LK rushed in from babysitting to give me and megs balloons. that was nice of her. we all talked and laughed for awhile and had a lot of fun. then i went home and watched the taped "friends." ross and rachel!!! eeeee!!!
today i slept til about 10:15 AM and ate pizza for breakfast and lizzie came over around 11 to study. we studied AP stuff til around 4 when she left. we know some things but not all... ahhh nerves. then i watched more TV. now i am doing this.
tomorrow will be SUCH a grrreat day!!! WHY:
-david will be home!!!
-jack said florence is coming home today!!
-all my friends
-senior banquet!!!
-it's MAY! MAYDAY! and gorgeous spring!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


well it's sunny. the music midtown goers must like that. :)

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