Saturday, May 08, 2004

2:31 pm
chris x chris WIN AGAIN!!!!
(and i was on their team again!!! hehe good times, good memories)
me, marty, addy, nathan, cole, haynes, ben r.:
making siren noises in front of a fire truck wearing helmets from the EFD
going to the los loros parking lot and getting a cop to sing "bad boys"
singing "the wheels on the bus" on a shuttle bus
singing "sanctuary" in front of the vortex holding candles with a purple-haired girl
protesting "new york minute" and the olsens in front of a theater
"hackey-sacking" (with a balled-up piece of paper) in front of junkman's daughter
freestyle walking at the decatur gazebo
doing an epic movie scene of "the passion" in the kitchen of everybody's (i've been in everybody's kitchen!!! HOW COOL!!! :D)
getting stopped by chris b's cop friend van for going the wrong way down the one-way bridge towards the carlos
submerging ourselves in water in the fountain in front of the library like last year except getting CAUGHT by COPS!!!! (ahhh. on any other night i would have freaked out.)
but if anyone can get out of cop problems it's chris. so we were told to leave campus for the rest of the night but that was our last thing so we were done anyway.


watched the videos, they were hysterical. SOME GIRL FLASHED RAE'S GROUP IN FRONT OF THE VORTEX!!! hahahahahahaha.

then hung out and talked with david, robby, haynes, john and thomas, etc. etc. for about 2 hours. then more with all except david who took off until about 5:30 in the morning. then martha, addy, myself, victor, allie, chris t., megs, and george all slept for about an hour in the daryll bryant room.

came home and slept til 12:30. YAWN. GOOD BYE!!

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