Sunday, May 09, 2004

2:13 pm
what is up??
i am talking to addy, allie, and victor. yesterday night mom, dad, and i went out to stone mtn. to the camping cookout. i was sooo tired so we ate and mom and i went home. she, megs, mase, and kirsten went to see "van helsing" and i crashed on the sofa and watched "friends." went to bed around 10:30, woke up at 9 today. went to sunday school for awhile, but john was outta town so allie and myself cut outta there and walked to the village and then to the quad. then we went to church. emory bac was this morning so they were just clearing out. graduation is tomorrow meaning that traffic on the way to school will be immensely lessened- yesss! anyway, sat with david, mason, megs, robby, etc. it was a good service. wesley was back and he preached a long time but it was actually very good. "god is not american... and god is not methodist. god is GOD." hehehe. loaned david RoTK. reminder: bring robby a copy of wesley letter tomorrow. ooh NEWS FLASH: DAN AND LEANN ARE ENGAGED!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeee! god please let this one work out and let them all be happy and healthy and have a long time together. we will get to see them tonight! ee! we went to panera and got lunch to go and came home and ate outside for mother's day. oh yes and HAPPY 19TH BDAY DIANE! a year ago today was my first bite nite. wow. good times good times. now i am doing this... and later we are going to go to NN and PP's for mother's day pizza dinner and the fam will all be present. YAY! god the weather outside is gorgeous. i really should be doing work and i promise that by 2:45 or 3 i will. MAN i am such a slacker!! i am totally going to be for the next 2 weeks. dang.
today's been good. je suis contente. :-D


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