Sunday, May 30, 2004

12:03 am on may 31 2004

man hot tea, hot tea, hot tea.
so, i have returned.
how happy, i know you all missed me very, very much. :)
panama city was extreeeemely enjoyable. each day was nice and relaxing and fun... and yummy food and ice cream. having julia and henry down there is such a wonderful addition, b/c even though i adore my family to high heaven, it is just a lot less boring with those two around-- and that counts for anywhere. nana and pop pop were there for the first 2 days or so. we went to chef imondi's and the house of seafood and ate ice cream quite a lot. i took about 3 rolls of film on the beach right before sunset on monday and friday nights. we made the TT show: volume 4.!!! man i adore being the official camerawoman bc that means truly, really, i am in charge. hehehe. "he was a boy she was a girl, can i make it anymore obvious? he was a king, she was a queen-- what more can i sing? she wanted him, he had an elf, and then she felt badly about herself. he rode away, she started to cry, she said i wa-ant to die. he was a warrior king, but she wasn't anything, but she would prove him wrong one day! she ran away to war, he stayed with his elf whore-- and MY LIFE SUCKS!" (thanks avril lavigne) those are my lyrics (except, surprise surprise, the elf whore part :D) through eowyn's eyes during our LoTR musical section. hysterics, i tell you, hysterics. let's see, what else occured? i wrote letters. oh, and we bought RoTK!!!!! (note-- there was a tv down there bc allison, brian, and ML had been there earlier and it is easier obviously to entertain 3 and 5 year olds with a tv and they rented it) and watched it once or twice. ahhh so gorgeous. saturday = HOWARD SHORE!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE! and friday-- megs, myself, allie, addy, mase, andrew, mom, dad... HARRY POTTER!! happy happy joy joy. oh yeah, i also reread harry potters 4 and 5 (skimmed a lot)-- they are like bite nites, i never remember how much i love them til i'm actually on them. we swam in the bay, how nice... gorgeous weather. went to the gulf on thursday and made quite a drip castle (note: sand must be one of the coolest creations ever that god and the world made) that may have looked a teensy bit like minas tirith, hehe. went to the sister's fudge shoppe place. still not sold. relaxed in the awesome hammock... measured ourselves... masey grew a lot but i hardly did. i'm sure i'm leaving out great things, but oh well. it is too late to worry about that and there is always tomorrow... er, later today i mean. :)
yesterday we drove back and got in around 5:15ish. it is always so strange coming home from a vacation; the house feels totally new again, like we just moved it. by the way, it'll be 2 yrs on july 12 when we moved in. crazy, i guess it's not so new anymore. yeesh. watched some "friends" (sooo wonderful, sooo wonderful) and ate publix sandwiches and went to bed.
this morning- went to starbucks, sunday school, church. much fun, i got to see robby and megan and mollie and allie and addy and candylander (haha candler you know i love you) and chris, etc. and all those people that i missed very, very much while i was away. lots of baptisms, and wesley told the parents to take the babies out after they were crying. mixed reaction. then went to the club w/ NN and PP & fam. dan and leeann's wedding = oct. 23, weekend after my birthday!! eee. :) THEN mes parents dropped me off @ the megses home and she drove moi, addy, and allie to target and then to old navy for bathing suit shopping for virgin islands baby!! (2 weeks from today!!) i got a green 2-piece @ ON that i really, really like. i love driving around w/ megs, she is a wonderful driver and just talking to her always makes me so dang happy. so we went and dropped the vinnies @ their house, went back to mine and got mason, and went to her house. robby came over and we all hung out and ate pizza and watched "ocean's 11". great movie. i started sneezing a lot..
ok i am wiped. sleep!!!!
happy memorial day...
2 years ago i was in dublin. MAAAN JE LE MANQUE!

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