Monday, April 26, 2004

almost 5 pm
bonjour, 19 days left of schoool!!! eeee!!!
dum da dummm
last night, the coffee house rocked. chris and christina did knife defense (verry good), robby drummed (OH MY GOSH IT IS AMAZING!!! it is so great. i love watching him), kady read from "the house on mango street" (i want to read that book now), mase and chris did devil sticks well, i sang with melissa and katie as back up, cole, reid, stephen, and ralph did a dating-game whose line type thing (reid: "OVER the rainbow. blue birds fly. why oh why? i have a flammable friend. and a heartless friend. and a pussy lion friend."), katie, sheridan, and melissa did that veggie tales song that i have had stuck in my head all day by the way hehe, cole and reid did a song, uhhh what else, oh and bo told her infamous white gorilla joke. ohhh lawdie. it was all good though.
today was normal, wet, and chillyish. ap world history = ERPS- not mine though thank god. in a way i really wanna get it over with but in a way i wish the day would never come. i just do not know as much about all my stuff as i would care to know. yeeeeks. chemistry= no tests back yet dang it cause i totally know i aced it. talked "stoicometry"- verrry easy. weird name though! i am glad ms. T was there cause i do not want her sister to die. french= mainly free period. we have been having a heck of a lot of those in that class lately which i truly do not mind but i hope we are learning all we're sposed to. also, concerned point- lotsa seniors have mono and they are still coming to school. how nice to know we are shielded from those germs. lunch= the best part of the day!! paul + nazia (+ lizzie sometimes too)= laughter and it sucks that nazia will have to leave for next year. who will paul make fun of and who will launch measly comebacks back at him??? ahhh! the universe is turning around! anyway at one point i was laughing so hard that i literally had a tear coming down my cheek. me and lizzie were hysterical and LK was in the middle of us, kind of laughing but not half as hard. it was excellent. i adore paul with all my heart. he rocks my world. english = scurrying to finish website in lab. MEGS IS SPOTLIGHT'S CO EDITOR IN CHIEF 04-05!! YAY! that totally is awesome. her co is my ex, by the way, hehe. she'll keep him in line though. i have to finish my article for spotlight. also, in a little bit i am going to DHHS to take a pic of NN, dad, and mase for my submission. i hope it turns out well. tonight is choir. i have a solo in "set down, servant" and it is really cool. i hope i can do some good stuff with it. that is all. the only hw i have is mainly perfecting my ERP, haha. am talkin 2 allie, hallie, mary ann. talked to andrew and addy for a bit too. *yawn* sleep. MOMMY DEAREST MADE A PIE! yummmers.

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