Sunday, April 04, 2004

9:26 pm
hALLO!!!! it's SPRING BREAK 04!!!!!!!!!! yesssssssssss. so wonderful. TECH WON!!!!!!!!! YEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! it was a nailbiter though. i'm sure tons of yelling was going on at pop pop's what w/ david and dan there and all. anyway. today was fine. sunday school, then church (loooooong service = palm sunday AND communion AND new members... growl). then we went home, made lunch, walked the dogs, and went to pop pop's "bday party" - our family and NN and PP and yummy strawberry cake. then hung out there and then pop pop drove me to choir. we had 12- count em- 12 people there! whoot whoot SB04 whoot whoot. then we went to youth, which was a picnic @ lullwater. it was fun. megs and addy played tennis, allison and i walked around, i took pictures, we all ate, etc. etc.... twas fun. OPERATION- SPARKY! lol. i love taking pictures. soo nowwwwww. i am talking to addy, allie, and david of lamb. it's all good and i can SLEEEEEEEEEP TOMORROW! hheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. much amore

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