Friday, April 16, 2004

9:14 pm
VENDRIDI, JE T'ADORE!!! but i have had a headache and have been trying to write this paper (hey- on page 3 babay!!! hell yeah) for flowers and daddy is not yet home bc he has been reffing and of course mommy is outta town. bleeech. tomorrow i am doing the DH home and garden tour w/ megs and LK. then i am gonna go see "You're a good man, charlie brown" @ good ole DHHS. jo and laura and paul, etc. will rock i am sure of it. school was fine. impeded by my mal a la tete, but whatever. ooooh the music program we are using for 14 days has "chicago"! WE BOTH REACHED FOR THE STINKIN GUN! yaaaawn. god je veux SUMMER

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