Tuesday, April 13, 2004

8:44 pm
"secretary of state powell.... secretary of state rumsfeld."????? i tho't he was secretary of defense! ok i am listening to dubya's speech, can you tell? and talking to addy and looking @ my long-not-looked-at ERP. "we have already shown..." "america's word, once relied upon, can be depended on even in the toughest of times"... ok i loooove my country verrry much but still... just whenever our pres. talks it makes me feel like we're an arrogant big mouthed bully who thinks we're superior to everyone. of course i want terrorism to be uprooted, but... we need education and no poverty and so many other positive things... instead of war. yes, yes, name all of the terrorist acts. good good. ahhhh. america is wonderful and i am so grateful that i can write all this down without worrying about getting beat up for it. or whatever. yeah byebye:)

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