Wednesday, April 28, 2004

6:30 pm
bonjourno peoples! or good evening rather. hope all is well. NOTE: i must give a big huge shout out to my dearest cousin mary. i love you! and you best come visit cette ete or else i will be maaad. hehe.
today was another good day. first off, though, concert practice last night was really fun. i enjoyed it muchos. the decatur first peoples are verrry nice and good. this alto kelsey is my age and she goes to woodward and she rocks! i really, really enjoyed sitting and singing with her. i hope we are in that same configuration tomorrow and friday. we sang well i think. and my solo has been going well too. yay! i enjoyed just the glenn configuration too.
robby: oh great. the two strongest female singers next to me... and with the ear that works.
me (coming up with molls): we'll sing quietly.
robby: no you won't.
me: you're right.
i really, really, really enjoyed sitting with him though. we had fun. i am glad i can talk to him. he is the best drummer i have ever heard/seen.
ms. tsang's sister died. god be with her please. please please please give them all peace and solace.
today we had chemistry for 3 hours but ms. T didn't tell us anything about her sister except she cried out in the hall when she was talking to ms. W. for most of the time, we didn't do stoichiometry but soffe, LN, lauren, LK, and nazia started this "would you rather" game. example: "would you rather have slugs all over your body or have a mango-sized twin stuck in your leg forever?" yeah. that stupid. and we'd all look at palmer and laugh. there were some reallllly gross ones. no comments now. but they were just laughing their heads off. then in francais we worked on our cartoon more. maia est une tres excellente artiste (and chanteuse hehe). at lunch rach and maia were still kinda pissed @ paul but me, lizzie, etc. all talked to him. i love him. i know he's ok but i care for him so much. and i love lizzie too. then in english we did silly newspaper stuff. then robby and i walked back to our lockers and he told me ms. T's sister died. yeeesh. then i went to the church parking lot and pop pop was there to drive me to the tennis match at the golf club. i sat around with peoples and watched lizzie and megs play. maggie and i had a great conversation about religion and youth and stuff. we are really, really getting to be better friends and i am glad. she rocks. i think that both of us bawling at return of the king has some bonding point within it, hehe. now i am home and talking to allie and addy... also mary but she left. i have a mock AP exam to study for. damn it is a WEEK FROM TODAY! DAMN!!!!
it has been a good week. i hope it goes faster bc david will be home so soon. breakfast tomorrow! thanks for my friends. help us to sing for your glory god.

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