Friday, April 09, 2004

6:13 pm
bonjourno, comment allez vous?? aujourd'hui i went to yvonne's w/ mom, dad, mase, zack, NN, and PP. yummy short stack. i looooooooooove em. then me and dad and NN and PP went to ed's for awhile to help with a chair. his room is starting to look very cozy. nana works so hard, i hope that she doesn't tire too badly. then we went home and i watched some tv and then dad and i drove around the neighborhood which wasn't too bad. it's big streets that are bad. then mase and i ate lunch and watched "something's gotta give"- such a good movie!!! then elleny came over bc mollie's plans changed. ellen rocks, i am glad we can still talk and discuss even if we do not hang out as much as we used to. she just left about thirty minutes ago. i have to read at the tenebre service @ 7:30 so mom is making dinner and then i guess we'll go. it's gorgeous weather outside. oh and i walked the dogs with mommy too. dad is reffing some games. today feels like saturday but i am glad it's not cause that means one extra day of spring break. i do not want to go back *whine*... but i spose summer shall be here soon enough. hope everyone has good return trips, esp. megs from sunny cali. i looove my easter dress. hehe. blue skiiiiiiiies. literally. muchos amore

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