Sunday, April 11, 2004

6 pm
happy easter!! it was a gray and overcast easter but that is okay, i didn't mind too much. in 36 hours i have to go back to school!!! *whine* bleeech. oh well, i figure it'll all work out okay with only 5 weeks left and such. ahhhh the fellowship theme fills me w/ such joy (i am listening to the two towers maintenant). today i put on my gorgeous dress and went to sunday school which was fun; there were a lotta people there- allie, nathan, ben, robbie, ben r., kady, mollie, george, cole, daniel, etc. etc. then we went to church early since it was going to be sooo crowded. church was good- i always love singing "christ the lord is risen today, aaaaaaleluia." the sermon was fairly long but whatever, that's normality. then my favorite part ever, singing the hallelujah chorus (in my pretty dress no less!! :-D) with all the great altos of the church such as mollie, rae, amy, and of course all the choir people. twas very, very good. then talked some, took some pictures. finally went to mick's for lunch (mmmm!!); got salad, "salmon burger" (very good i might add), and of course chocolate cream pie. half was eaten there and half here at home while watching tape of last night's SNL. then watched "honey we shrunk ourselves" on the wb mixed in with a documentary on the shroud of turin on pbs. verrry interessant. then some of where jesus' tomb is. oh yeah- mommy took pretty pictures of me in my dress outside and we walked the doggies. now i am talking to addy. i could be reading my english book or doing chemistry or working on my erp... but somehow i do not feel like it. hehe. i think i'll have time anyway tomorrow. me and lizzie are gonna go see ms. S tomorrow @ 10 in the morning (sooo early lizzie!! aggh! hehe) and then i think i am going to savor the feeling of no school.
oh yeah, and yesterday molls came over in the afternoon. twas a very fun time. i really do love talking to her when i get to, we talk about many many things. it was all good. we are bonded in a unique way. i wish it would rain!! i would love to go out dancing in it.... or just stay inside and laze around while it does all the work.

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