Saturday, April 24, 2004

5:35 pm
man i was totally guessing that david would be home this weekend but it's a week from today. waaaaaaaaaaaaah.... i want him to come HOME! i miss him when he is gone so much. oh well a week is not that bad and it'll go fast hopefully. i just want to see him. i've gotten used to his being gone obviously but it's still not fun. anyway. let this week go fast but let me have fun too. PLS GOD LET HIM BE SAFE. i love my big brother so much.
anyway. last night was interesting. i talked to megs about the whole blaah thing that has been going on. at first i thought it was a really good conversation. which is was, but then i felt like i gave in a little. and then she and LK came over and i tried my best but i feel like it didn't work very well. i dunno. i am gonna try and god i am asking for your guidance in this because i do not really know what to do and i do not want to do anything just to make megan happy. but she is the one who i think benefits from this situation most and that's not necessarily good. i dunno. god help us.
today was habitat with kerry, jules, and johanna. it was fun... jules and i stayed from 9ish to 4. it was messy and we got a lot done though, painted four rooms... you don't even wanna see my jeans. they are so white from paint. the people were all so nice. and I HAVE MY KAPPA HOURS FINISHED!!! YEEHAH BABY!! :-) phew. that's helpful to know. i suppose i should call the megs. tomorrow is busy, esp. singing wise. god i want david home. maybe i will go write some. i think that would help me. should not have gotten hopes up. my jaw hurts. peace always

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