Saturday, April 03, 2004

5:30 pm
oh yeah, tonight is daylight savings. ya know what i love? well, besides spring break and the fact that i have my wallet back and hardly any hw?... lord of the rings! ahh. j'ecoute to the 1st soundtrack right now. *get to see howard shore IN CONCERT june 5 baby!!!!* SOOOO EXCITED!! tomorrow is palm sunday! i have been trying on dresses. happy bday hallie and pop pop! GO TECH!!!!! and freddy adu is playing right now. it is gorgeous and windyish but a nice temperature outside. ha, i have maybe gotten out more papers to reorganize than i can handle? why does that always happen on spring break? i end up turning my room into more of a disorganized mess than it was when i started. ha. watched some of "american graffiti". a pretty good movie. i like grease better. hm i should voir that too. PICNIC @ LULLWATER demain pour UMYF. yay. i play w/ my rubberbands sooo much. dum da dummm.. life est tres bonne. PEACE

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