Monday, April 19, 2004

4:48 pm
hallo all. what is goin on in the life of yall?? today was fine... there was a waste-of-time test during 1st and 2nd... well it was truly a waste, i guess it'll help some, but it was silly. "DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET OR ELSE YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED." the guy actually said that!! aaah!! hahahaha. my throat on my left side is kinda sore because of... my braces maybe? I don't really know. strange. french and english were fine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!!!!!! i gave him candy and a card. i had a grrreat lunch from my 1/2 panera sandwich. heehee. we started making websites in english. it was totally cool. then i talked to palmer on the bus ride home.
last night was fun. looong choir but it was good. small youth but all good peoples. we made skits from old youth memories. i felt so old telling everyone about GB duct-taped in the shower... hahahahaha. GOOD TIMES. IT IS GOOOOOOOOD! mase wants to get on.

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