Friday, April 23, 2004

4:45 pm
went to bed around midnight last night. blaaaaaaaaagh. oh well today wasn't as sucky as expected. we watched a video on terrorism instead of ERP presenting and then in chemistry i am pretty positive that i aced my test because it was great! and i hardly studied! then in french i turned in my (really bad and short) history but i did my current even #5!!!! YAY! NO MORE CURRENT EVENTS!! whooo hoo. now i can concentrate on other things thank goodness. then we ate outside for lunch. in the cafeteria it was freezing but it was burning outside. ya gotta have one extreme or the other at our ancient school. anyways, then in english we watched "the old man and the sea" with anthony quinn. it was good but looong. then i came home... ahhhhhhhhh vendridi, merci mon dieu, je t'adore. i do not have that much hw this weekend. which is good bc i have habitat tomorrow and then chuch stuff sunday. COFFEE HOUSE! i really, really, REALLY want david to be home this weekend. that would truly make my weekend, do you know how much it would make me happy? a bizillion times. 3 more weekends of school. next week is senior banquet! yay! *yawn* maybe i should go take a nap. that might be a good idea... much love

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