Wednesday, April 14, 2004

4:45 pm
hallo. it is COLD!! and windy. well, it's sunny though. it's gorgeous outside, it may inspire me to do a weight walk in a little bit. i certainly should, esp. if mummy is taking the pink weights on her trip tomorrow... the pink tree outside looks like it's raining pink snow everywhere. it's great. today we had our french field trip. it was very enjoyable. the ride there was nice and warm, except we had to get out once so the bus driver could pull out... long story. quote of the day: "american kids really are too fat!" -- bus driver :) hehe. yeah. okay. the show was excellent; at first we all tho't it was going to be all puppets, but it was wonderful. very worth it and enjoyable. then we got to ask the actors questions. and then we went back to school *whine* but in french we did NOTHING. i read "under the tuscan sun" and talked to madame for most of the time. in english we were SILENT and worked on our silly tests for our books. catherine DIES! so does the baby! ahhh! that is tres depressing. oh well. as megs said, it's hemingway. time for work.. peace

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