Tuesday, April 27, 2004

4:38 pm
grrrowl stomach is hungry. yay i am talking to allie and david!!! good good good. last night the rehearsal was good and i finally got to practice my solo. it was enjoyable. today we had 3 hours of ap world bc of EOCT the stupid things, and took a DBQ and graded one too. no chemistry! then in french we did our comic strip thing. fun fun. in english we talked about issues. i have pictures back!! tonight is practice again. i am going to go write wesley an opinionated email about the following sermon quote:

“I have to admit there are times when I think, who is this god of whom they speak and where did he or she come from? Because this god of whom they speak is certainly not the god of Israel, revealed in Jesus- they have a smattering of new age, a little bit of the old testament, a couple of great ideas from the Greek fathers, a smattering of Greek philosophy, and a lot of modern mumbo jumbo and they shake it and out comes this deity who will do what they want done.”

nice, huh? NOT

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