Wednesday, April 21, 2004

4:15 pm
hi!!! ooooh i looooooooooooove developing pictures, don't you? there are some good ones from the picnic before spring break. anyway... today was fine. in 1st we took that umich survey. it was easy. lots of "no" checking for all the druggie stuff. i influenced melissa's decisions!!! YAY! lol. "how would you friends feel if you started smoking/drinking/doing drugs?" "AHHHHHH! CLAIRE WOULD STRONGLY DISAPPROVE!!!" hahahaha. true, very true my lizzie. chemistry was normal. french was fine. lunch was FREEEEEEEEEEZING! oh my gosh. i dunno what made paul say "i like cold" last year, maybe just to annoy me, but he and the rest of us certainly did NOT today. then in english LN and thyles had to take the survey so we had a free period and megs and i traipsed around campus taking pictures of me and a cross for the "you're my religion" part of our farewell to arms project. it was fun. i love my megan. what would i do without her? now i am home... not much homework. tonight is the youth council meeting. love

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