Sunday, April 18, 2004

3:20 pm
in about 20 minutes we have to go to choir. today has been a lovely day. but first, last night i went to go see "you're a good man, charlie brown" @ school. it was excellent, johanna, paul, katie, alex, laura, and whoever the freshman who played CB was were all good. i sat with kara, stephanie, and maggie, and we visited paul up in the lonely soundbooth in the balcony during intermission. his birthday is tomorrow!! oooh. hehe. maggie- this play is so MORBID! hehe.
today is gooooooooooooorgeous. i went to sunday school and ate bagels from starbucks and ann r. was there which was fun. then we all tramped down to church in the amazing weather and had fun in church sitting with paul d., megs, allie (who left halfway thru and returned @ the end w/ her OPTGAM shirt lol), addy, mase, candler, and robby. the gwinett singers were AWESOME! then we came home and had panera to eat... i ate outside and then sprawled on a towel under the pretty pink tree and read "under the tuscan sun." then mommy came home!!! YAY! and brought me "bella tuscany" also by frances mayes who wrote UTTS. I FINISHED MY PAPER LAST NIGHT GUYS!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEE! :-) :-) ok that's it... choir time. much love
----cLAIREy hehe

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