Saturday, April 10, 2004

2:50 pm
happy easter saturday type thing... hope all is well with all. hehe. yesterday, the tenebre service was short and went quite well. as nana said though, wish it could be held in the little chapel, it is much more effective that way. am excited about easter tomorrow- packed church, hallelujah chorus, yummy food, friends, new dress!! yes, yes, it is gorgeous. you will just have to wait and see tomorrow. i slept nearly 12 hours last night and woke up around 9:45 this morning, ate breakfast, read some of "a farewell to arms" and started "under the tuscan sun", ooooh it is a good book. yummm italy and food. nice. then went on a weight walk around the block. then came home and showered and cleaned the bathroom. made myself a grilled cheese, watched tv, and am now drinking tea and awaiting mollie to arrive sometime in the next forty minutes or so. i would like to get some writing done but am pretty much stuck in the mud as far as that goes, which sucks. but i'm hoping some inspiration will arise at some point soon... i know what i want the end product to be but i do not know how to get there and that's pretty important. okeeeeeeeeee. bye yall :-)
claireybaby, the only one in the whoooole wiiiiiiide wooooorld

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