Sunday, April 25, 2004

2:17 pm
yawn. church was fine. it is a gorgeous day outside. i really want it to be next weekend. i do NOT WANT TO PRESENT MY ERP THIS WEEK!!! aacccghhh. nooooooo. i am nervous. but i will try my best not to be. hmm, what is a good DBQ question for APWH????.... bleech to that too. coffee house should go well j'espere. la la la la la la we celebrate with joy all day long... ladee daadeedaaadummm. i am sore from habitat but i am so glad i did it. it was good fun and plus my kappa hours are done with and no french current events. see, presenting the ERP really is not horrible... i just do not want it to be too bad. be with all my amis. i wrote two poems yesterday and i think they were good.
BEST PART OF DAY SO FAR: taking a snooze in the balcony pews with addy, allie, molls, and megs. mollie had her head on my shoulder, i had mine on allie's, she had hers on addy's, and megs slumped in addy's lap and we all linked arms and played with her frizzy desert sunset hair. it was fun. i love my girls. i hope we can always be close. they mean so much to me. okay i should probably change out of my church clothes and go do something homework-y and worthwhile. damn how that sucks. but hark! 1 week from today is the senior banquet! 2 weeks from today is camping! 3 weeks from today is... the 16th! and 4 weeks from today it shall be SUMMER!!!!! :) :) loooove
god give me guidance and faith svp. twould be nice. BUSY WITH CHOIR PRACTICES ALL WEEK LOOONG. BLEEHC/YAY

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