Thursday, April 08, 2004

12:45 pm
hola. wassssup? today i have eaten, watched dawson and condi being drilled by the 9/11 commission (jeez it was a bit of jerry springer there for a bit w/ the kerrey dude- he cursed! *gasp*)(oh and also, it totally amazes me how politicians are so slick with "answering" questions by totally NOT answering them. i would feel so weird doing that), taken a walk with the weights (i'm getting pretty good @ that), etc. it looks like it may rain which would actually be very nice. my family is going to get passports. OOOH NEWSFLASH: i got the best easter/springy/summery dress ever yesterday!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh success! it is so pretty! i got it from parisian and it is spaghetti strap white and black with pink in between and it's v. hard to explain but if ya come to the easter service you can see it, hehe. i looove it. maunday thursday service tonight @ 7. rain rain rain!! peace out yall

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