Tuesday, April 06, 2004

10:50 pm
yaaaaaaaaawn. sleeptime soon, i promise. i just wanted to get some writing in today and it hasn't happened yet because- i walked around the block this morning with the weights, showered, ate lunch, watched some tv, went shopping with mom for easter dresses (ha, that was successful- NOT), cleaned up my room and cleaned out papers (i made a whole binder for my old school work stuff!! yay!), hung out with marty and vic who were here, ate athens for dinner, and watched "something's gotta give" = AWESOME MOVIE. diane keaton and jack nicholson were marvelous and amanda peet is gorgeous. and martha and i both felt sorry for keanu. oh well. so i have seen 3 great movies over break so far: school of rock (god you must go rent it), whale-rider (ditto), something's gotta give. hmmm. what else should i see???? oh one more thing about the movie- I MUST HAVE "ERICA'S" writing space!!!!!!!!!!! it is soooo beautiful and peaceful and looks like such an inspirational place to just write write write all day long. how blissful i would be. hehe. and distracted i am sure. oh yeah, and on another note- saw the list of people going to the virgin islands. man, it is a grrrrrreat group of people!!! seriously, excellent. mase, allie, addy, emmy, megs, nathan, ben, george, chris (whom i saw while out today), christina, bo, bob, ralph, hamp, katie o'b, etc.... plus- ann, rae, beth, amy, lester, and mac are the adults!! heck yea!! awesome. okay i am going to go write more. like, really. as in casey. so g'bye now and pleasant dreams.

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