Tuesday, March 16, 2004

9:23 pm
"the queen's fool" is a grrrreat book. philippa gregory rocks my world. yay for historical fiction. i am drinking sleepytime tea and looking at old ireland pictures on steve's website. today was very good. both of the past days have been extremely and wonderfully normal. normal = being able to eat tagalongs, drink tea, and read after school.. not having that much homework and getting it done early... having yummy food for dinner... being able te walk the dogs around the block in the gorgeous spring air without worrying about that much to do... ahh, it's bliss.
today we had a production of "julius caesar" and it was shortened and the crowd of highschoolers was annoying and rude enough but it wasn't a bad way to spend first period. sat with lk, megs, martha, nazia, daniella, lizzie, robby, etc. etc. in chemistry we took "Flash 3" and notes. in francais we lired le petit prince, etc. lunch was fun in an annoying way- i kept trying to read my great new book or study for my caesar english test but paul and lizzie kept stealing my stuff cause they wanted me to be social but then they didn't know what to talk about!! and then i get really "mad" at melissa and she always relinquishes whatever she has. it's hilarious, it's like i have some power over her. hehe i love my silly friends. english was normal and easy. today has been nice. chicken pie for le diner and then worship and music (whoot whoot!) meeting with amy, george, george, kady, katie, and sheridan. small group but we got a lot done. i cannot wait for march 28!!! it'll be a blast.

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