Monday, March 29, 2004

8:40 pm
note: for the past 3 1/2 hours, i have been working on my silly humanities paper that WAS due today. haha, whoops. dang. it sucks. but at least it is at about 7 pages!! yahooooooooo! now if i can just survive the next 3 1/2 days... well, really, the next 3 days. because friday will not be sooo bad. and i think that megan and i will have lunch. i love spending time with her. oh yes, i spose i should go back to the worship from hier soir. = last night. sooo yeah--
it was grreat! everyone said so which made me sooo happy because allie and i worked our butts off, or at least i think we did. or maybe i just worked my butt off worrying about it, hehe. i did not really worry. anyway. we scrambled around for a few minutes and then they came in around 7ish and we started singing the songs and stuff... and allie and i welcomed everyone, and then "the daddios" (haha david, art, wes) played 2 songs. and on the first one, daniel kept trying to get the lights to go lower but ended up getting them completely off several times, so it was basically a blackout. hehe. i love my daniel. then allison, katie, megan, sheridan (those two sang a kick-A 2nd soprano may i add- "starry starry night" thank you don mclean! he sang that, right??), melissa (she is so great), and myself sang "the storm is passing over" with westopher accompanying us. it sounded good i think! i love that song. reminds me of 3 years ago and is just beautiful anyway. then... allie, andy, and megs drummed. wahoooo! FUNGA. hmmmm. quoi encore? oh, and then i read my excerpt thing!! it went well. i was happy that i did it. i'm glad i had the courage. addy read it during church. she said she loved it. my megan is the sunset and my allie has the diamond eyes. and emmy is the bubbling stream and margareta my dear (whom i home got back safely) is the wind that changes you forever and adrienne is the bright flower petal that jumps around in that wind and makes it shriek "i am squishy queen of fall, hear me roooooar!!!!!!!! yay sparky!!!!!!!!!!" and martha is the feeling of the cool grass against your cheek that makes you have no cares in the world... and lizzie is the indescribable hilarity of the squirrels running up and down the trees. and ellen is the wise owl that always listens and contemplates. :-) wow, that was fun. anyway. (oh yea, me and addy had a fun talk @ the party hehe i adore her) then cole and reid were WONDERFUL!!! "we thought we would do what we do best and that is.... HUG EVERYBODY!!!!" ahahahahhah. i am glad that they kept it a secret. then addy my love talked about nature. she was so great. and... well, everyone was excellent. and people kept volunteering to say things and i NEVER THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN!! eeeeeeeeeee! and we had to cut the meditation time down to only one because there were so many people saying stuff. yesssssssss. the meditation was great too. and then lester SANG communion. jeez it was beautiful. and then we had a song and a squeeze prayer. YAY! happy happy. and then i went home and crashed which = ha, no humanities paper for me. coach was pissed at all the parents that emailed but if you ask me, HE ASKED FOR IT, the psycho. i do enjoy his class but still.. gimme a break pleeeease. another note: 1 WEEK FROM TODAY I WILL BE DOING WHATEVER THE HELL I PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! SB 04!!!!!!
ok i should get back to work now hehe

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