Tuesday, March 02, 2004

8:14 pm
je veux dormir. and for those of yall who don't speak french, too darn bad.
today was pretty good. i just have lots of work stuff to do. esp. in AP WH and chemistry isn't so great either. fun fun fun fun fun.
(sort of) good news: a month from today is the beginning of spring break. how sad is that? 4 more weeks!! nooooo.
i'm talking to my favorite squishy queen of fall!!! yay. :)
GREAT GREAT GREAT THING FROM TODAY---- i got a postcard from dublin from david!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! that makes me sooooo happy so big brother, if you're out there, THANK YOU SO MUCH. i love hearing from you and i love you yourself. i'm so happpy that you got to go to the wonderful isles. it's the perfect place for you. but anyway, the postcard was wonderful. made my day.
YAY LOTR!!! i am still beaming over that. and plus the fact that johnny depp was EXTREEMELY fine.
love yall

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