Saturday, March 13, 2004

6:07 pm
ahhh samedi. c'est tres bon. today i:
1. slept til 10 am
2. ate bits of mason's french fries from last night (we got meltons... yummmy)
3. made tea
4. showered
5. read some of David Copperfield
6. cleaned some of my room
7. wrote some free writing
8. did my french journal
9. cleaned some more
10. ate a grilled cheese sandwich and tagalongs
11. started making a bday card for allie
12. did some chemistry
13. cleaned a little more
14. continued on card
15. watched some tv
16. have been working on my humanities religion paper that flowers gave us yesterday. joy, elation, goodie.
gotta go take the doggies out.

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