Thursday, March 25, 2004

6:03 pm
just got back from a massage. it was nice, but sometimes it hurts a lot when she starts to move the muscles around. i guess apparently i am really tense and do not know how to relax, but the truth is, i never notice that i am tense unless i am having a massage because the rest of my life it just seems normal. i would like to relax and stuff. but i feel like i am normally. i dunno. it's a bit confusing. also, i don't breathe "normally"; since pneumonia (nearly 2 years ago exactly), i take HUGE deep breaths, but since forever i have sometimes had to yawn to get a deep breath. the allergist always said it was a habit and had nothing to do with the asthma but i tend to disagree because using my proventol inhaler always helps. oh well. allie is so in shape, maybe i will take a leaf out of her book and go walking this evening. although, i'll admit, she RUNS. hehe.
today was fine. all these days have been fine recently. they've been going fast too. although i had to get up disgustingly early to get to a pat appt. at 6:45 and i didnt' even see her til about 7:10. silly pat, you are so good that your appts. stack up like crazy even that early. so then we went to breakfast club and it was yummy and pop pop came in! that was cool. and the guys and gals soccer teams have started eating there and DB was there too. a whole loada people. hmmm. in AP we watched more of "tora, tora, tora". i have seen 2 jason robards movies in 2 days including "casesar". poor mr. S. it's so weird bc he is the total opposite of coach and it's weird for him to teach. but i don't mind, i just hope he doesn't mind us and that he gets better. in chem we took notes about moles. and i got a 90 on my test!!!! :-) *yay* i think it is hysterical that ms. T has moles taped up on her board, esp. the 1/2 mole. hehe. in francais we lired le petit prince and i looove that book. it is really, really good. really, really. and i adore mme J. lunch was hilarious bc we spent the whole time trying to remind nazia about the predicament laura and lizzie got into hier soir apres l'ecole that we had been talking about during APWH and she did not remember at all. it was quite enjoyable. in english we had our trial and i was the court reporter who tried my best to type fast with a stupidly slow computer. and then when i tried to save it to 3 1/2 floppy it would not let me!! grrrowl. it was 11 pages in all. haha. oooh jon jon. crazy crazy people. there is someone outside in the backyard w/ mom looking at the yard. maybe it is the landscaping lady. i should work. or something. i am excited about sunday!!! love,
ps- david's photo won a contest!!! oooooh yay big brother

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