Wednesday, March 17, 2004

5:59 pm
hola mes amis. 2 langues in 1 sentence. today should definitely be thursday. i have decided. but it's not. hmph. oh well. at least i get pancakes tomorrow morning. today was fine. normal. my high point was probably lunch, which was fun- we laughed about how our siblings are gonna be here next year: how rachael will tear paul's "little will" brother to shreds because he's so shy and she's so NOT, how paul will call mason "may-may" and say he's funnier, how LK said that the reason e-bet came to youth was bc apparently the 8th graders @ sms say my bro is hot!!! aaaaaaaaaugh!!! strangely weird and strange. but HILARIOUS. such a little player, my brother. but i love him anyway. he is going on his trip tomorrow and i hope he has fun but i hate being an only child so i shall miss him much. although i DO get the computer and tv to myself!! oooeee. hehe. it's sunny and springyish again.
oh yes, and i forgot to mention- happy st. paddy's!! yay for the irish, the most friendly peoples i have ever met in my entire life. and i am 1/8 of them!! haha. god, i HAVE to go back. i adore it so much. and cannot wait to see david's pictures.
this has been a good week so far and i hope it continues to be. daddy should be on his way home from the airport! i have been listening to the wonderful ROTK soundtrack. i totally cannot believe that i am going to get to see howard shore LIVE in concert directing the LOTR symphony!! aaaah!!! SO exciting. yayayay. hmmm. i should travailler maintenant. yay for DSL. so helpful. LOVE

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