Friday, March 12, 2004

5:45 pm
ugh silly hotmail is not working.
well, hello guys and gals! c'est vendridi which = claire is v. happy
here are things that have been going on, not in any particular order...
thing #1-
i decided to do the play if they needed me but they do not because my dearest laura will be able to perform!!! yeeha. i really, really wanted her to do it. so that worked out well and it was very nice of jo to think of me.
thing #2-
i got an 89 on what i thought was a failing chem test! i always worry over how badly i did and then feel stupid for doing ok... i guess i'll just stop worrying. or something.
thing #3- RANT:
ooh, a claire rant. not a usual thing. so, here goes.
i am SUCH a public school advocate. dunno if yall know that, but i am. of course, i attend it, and BELIEVE ME, i know it has its very, very bad points. and they suck sometimes. but anyway (interruption: why the HECK is hotmail not working??!?!?! growwwl)... yesterday in the newspaper by teens for teens (VOX) they had a little "school health" article about paideia. and pleeeeeease to my dearest molls, ems, nathan, george, wHOEVER reads this (i have a feeling it would be only mollie but just in case, a disclaimer) i love yall v. much but sometimes i feel jealous of your opportunities or feel that i am a little educationally behind you might call it. you all know so much and get to take so many different classes. but enough. SOOO- the article spouts a lot of great stuff about paideia and has this "nutrition chart" thing- ya know, friendliness- 80%, etc. etc. and then diversity- 10%. then there were several quotes from students, and the majority were something like "i think that this school provides lots of good opportunities and i think it is better than most schools in the area." HELLLLLOOOOOO? how do you know that?!?!?!!? i go to an excellent school. i love it there, most of the time. i have had nothing but good teachers and a good educational experience and i feel like i know a lot. sure, the COUNTY is stupid and the STATE are stupid in some aspects such as testing and cutting the arts fund budget... but they are just idiots and i wish i could knock some sense into their heads. plus, my school has so much diversity. we have whites, blacks, people from asia, africa, from so many ethnic backgrounds and different lifestyles and we all "get along". ha, sometimes not, but it teaches ALL of us how to get along in the world outside of school. and i think i am eternally blessed for the experiences that i have everyday in the halls or at lunch, maybe sometimes even more than in the classroom. and i think (in MY opinion) that that is what private schools (not all of them) lack. and one of the students quoted said that, "i don't think that it provides us with what we need for life outside of school." or something like that. so anyway. it just bugs me sometimes when people who live really near my school (which many paideians do) choose to go to pay lots of money for a school that is maybe a bit better curiculum-wise and structure-wise but with hardly the diversity and mix of people we have at my school when they could have a good education and good opportunities as well as preparing for normal life with people of every kind. yes. there.

that is all i have time for because my little bro must do homework. plus, we are tying up the phone line til dad can install the silly dsl.

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