Thursday, March 18, 2004

5:25 pm
bonjour. je suis une fille unique pour 5 jours!! (translation: i am an only child for 5 days!) i do mind that somewhat, but i do get the tv and computer and everything to myself all weekend. nice, heeeheee. hope my little bro is having fun on the looong bus trip. today was fine. breakfast club, good school day. now i am home and relaxing. i should do some work too. megs and LK are coming over later to do chemistry. dad is home from a conference at mase's school. tonight is good... life is good. got emails from david and lauralita. yayness. gorgeous outside too. SPRING!! 2 weeks from tomorrow i will be tres contente because it will be a 1/2 DAY!!!!! heehee
(50/50 on flash tests dude!! awww yeah)

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