Monday, March 15, 2004

4:46 pm
we got to see abby yesterday! it was cool. we took her to brusters and our house. hehe. then we went to choir (me and mase) and the beginning of youth but then we had to leave because i had a STUPID humanities paper to write. blaaah. i HATE missing youth!!! me, mom, dad, and mase went to willy's for dinner and then we went home and i did homework. whoooo hoooo. oh and then ms. stanley called me!! saying that she had gotten a letter saying that i had nominated her for the who's who best teacher thing! it was good to talk to her, we talked for a good thirty minutes. i went to bed around 11:30 and then woke up today...
... today was fine. normal and good. and easy. mainly. we are having publix sandwiches for dinner. YUMMM. my mouth still hurts. OH- and i was psychic- david DID get together with agnes!!! i was sooooooo happy. that was maybe my favorite part of the book. ha, and it comes right near the end. sooo today is excellent. and DSL rocks.
i am dying for spring break!!

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