Tuesday, March 30, 2004

4:40 pm
beggarman by gaelic storm is playin in my ear. 2 1/2 days baby!!!! can i survive? maybe... vee shall seeeeeee.
i've got the sky i've got the road i've got the sky the world is my home...
and if the world could tell if where my wallet was, i would be EVEN HAPPIER!
coach was very nice today. it was comforting. thank god for his wife's psych. degree :)
now i am listening to mike willis. whom i have met, thank you verry much. it has been overcast on and off today. and talking to allison. dummmm... grrowl my stupid lost wallet. i wish i could pinpoint it somehow.
tomorrow night megs and i will be at "oh jonah!" @ WNS. she is doing makeup. i loove the little kiddies performing. maybe molls will not be busy. hmmm. i should call and see how her trip went. i hope my little bro feels better. megs and i reminisced re: noah 8 years ago today in english. heehee. ANIMALS CAN BE SOOO DRAMATIC! HA! only she could pull it off. maybe it'll rain again. it's windy.
this morning, mom, dad, and myself went to see ms. adamson. i really, really enjoy her and am so glad she is here to help me out. IB sounds interesting. i know i will try it but i hope it goes well. i'm not worried bout the CAS part, but the work and time management thing i am.
i miss david. it will be good to see him whenever he comes home. busy every night except tonight- demain = WNS thurs = LHS vs. us soccer game (Go lady devils) fri = 1/2 day, megs time (plus buffy's bday). THEN sb04!!!!!!!!! yahoooooooo
peace out and muchos amour

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