Wednesday, March 24, 2004

4:32 pm
i really have not been writing much recently have i? well i will try today.
it is so nice for it to be spring. i got like 10 compliments on my new pretty blue shirt today. :) makes clairey feel special, hehehe. life for me right now is extremely good. the past few weeks have been excellent- not much work in classes surprisingly (for one reason, flowers has a student teacher whom he makes take over classes and so i think my ERP still isn't due for awhile), i understood chemistry this chapter round (and the test was good today), french is always nothing but wonderful and i adore mme jules sooo much, and english is grreat too. so it's all good at l'ecole. and i have been wearing nice teva sandals too. spring break is gonna be sooo soon!! only one problemo on that front- we were thinking (and still are at the moment) of going to the mtns. with marty and vic for the first weekend, like leaving that fri. night and getting back sun. or mon. but sunday is palm sunday!! and i looove palm sunday. granted, i love easter more, but still... it's such a tradition. i love spring break but it's annoying that it's during holy week. plus @ the mtns. we wouldn't be able to swim or anything apparently cause it would still be too chilly, but PP and NN will be up there for a day and it would be PP's 77th bday and i would love to be there to celebrate w/ him. also, it's just awesome to have marty and vic with us anywhere, but at the mtns. especially bc it is just such a blast. but i do not wanna miss church and i think we are having a picnic at youth! i relish the times going to youth without school to worry about the next day. although- we do not have school the day after easter!! gosh that is the best news ever. so i guess we must decide what will take place...
life outside of l'ecole is fine too. i have been online a lot since we are always online now because of dsl. been helping out my girls with some problems. dunno how much of a help i am but it is still fun to be a part of. ;) still been going to bed late which i can help now and i really need to be getting more rest. that multi-grain bread from publix is sooo yummy toasted with butter. mmm. i also would like some ice cream and girl scout cookies mixed in. i've been trying to limit sweets to one dessert a day. and speaking of food, hier soir was the swim banqet at the ramsays'. mmm!! they have a totally cool house and are suuuch good cooks. tortillas, steak, chicken, all the toppings... mmm. sat with kara, liv, rach, julie, and cammack and rushton sat with us. it was fun. those coaches make me laugh. i'm sorry rushton is leaving the school. that sucks. he rocks. i got a little gold bar pin thing. i need to think about what i am doing for the sunday program! i am very nervous/excited about it. i have never read anything of mine in public, esp. something that concerns people who are in the room at the time. i hope, hope, hope i do not chicken out. and i'll just read it and be done and have fun. it's gonna be a great night. me and allison have been working very hard on it. yesterday i emailed my youth peoples and asked them to write memories and what the group meant to them to help me with my story. only sistah e responded so far and i would really like to know what they think. but most of them are in college so i dunno if they will have the time. i hope, hope, hope they do. that would help me out immensely.
anyway... life is good. la vie est excellente. god be w/ molls in san francisco :)

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