Monday, March 01, 2004

4:20 pm
in the words of steven spielberg: It's a clean sweep!!!
LOTR- 11 for 11!!
but no johnny depp... oh well, he looked great out there anyway. and maybe captain sparrow will have a chance in 05 with the sequel. keisha castle-hughes is GORGEOUS. she does NOT look 13. it was a great show. billy crystal rocks my socks, but more importantly, PETER JACKSON!!!!!!!!! plus dom and billy and elijah and sean. it was so wonderful. worth staying up til midnight, definitely. yesterday was busyness, church, sunday school, to NN and PP's, gabe and bekah showed up!! (it's gonna be a girl!!! eeeee!) starbucks with LK for an hour, that was fun. not that we got much work done, hehe... ;) but something that needed to be done. then i went to choir. and we had sectional rehearsals, which went well. i like the musique we are chantering. yes, that's franglais.
tooooodaaaaaaay.... AHHHH! it's so SPRINGY OUTSIDE!!! i adore it beyond all things!! i will have to change into shorts or something and go sit outside and read... or something. ahhhhh it's just absolutely loverly but it sucks that we have to wait a month til spring break. blaaaah school system i abhor you. anyway. the DBQ was not fun, i think i babbled quite a lot and i don't necessarily need to get it back anytime soon. i always feel such pressure whenever i'm doing that kinda thing!! these documents were just waaay too loooong for me to get anything out of except general info. so yeah. but it's done. in chem we had a sub, so we did a little work and then elleny and i talked quite a lot which was WONDERFUL because sometimes i really, really miss her used-to-be everpresent company. but she should come drive over and see me sometime. in french we parled only in francais and we prendred our examen de futur et conditionnel and we ate lunch... and lired the intro to le petit prince. can ya tell i am in a strange french mood? yeah. in english.. ahhhhhhhhh. poor sub, she really needs to stop subbing and just move to the seaside and knit always and have no stupid teenagers to bother her. or NOT bother her, rather. it is so sad how unkindness and disrespect and rudeness are taken so loosely these days, even if it's just tiny comments. hmm. so now i am home.
HOME!! ahhh how nice.
and i have to:
~finish my 35 pgs of david copperfield (btw, the book is totally falling apart. it's very sad)
~work on my ERP
~read some AP WH
~do my chem ?s and packet
~read french book
enjoooooooy life.
:) happy birthday cole!!!! (and sheridan tomorrow, and gabe tomorrow)
and we are having chicken enchiladas!! mmm yumm.
tomorrow is SUPER TUESDAY- get out there and VOTE

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