Friday, March 26, 2004

4:12 pm
Man, I cannot find my wallet-type thing. Has no $$ but does have my permit, school ID, etc... maybe it is just hiding under a pile of clothes. that would verrry nice.
damn. i hate losing important things. i am soooo happy it is friday. but here is what i have to do (note- HAVE to, not WANT to)
-stupid AP humanities paper- min. 7 pgs double spaced
-chem worksheet
-work on chem ?s and packet
-relire LPP
-read 20 pgs of english stuff
-work on english essay
-get allie a present. etc. etc. etc.
megs just called asking if i wanted to go with her and lk and kirsten and work on the humanities paper @ tech tonight. hmmm... NOT. no. i need a break night. totally. and i realllly would rather hang with megs by herself. i miss doing that. because it's either my bro or LK with her all the time when i'm around. or allie or something or someone... and i don't really think she understands it or knows about it. lk is great and i have nothing against her anymore except that... she and megan have all these things from volleyball and tennis and they see each other a lot more often. and i love my megs. she has awesome short hair now. bouncy like herself.
i am sleepy.

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