Monday, March 08, 2004

4:11 pm
wow, my arm is really tired all of a sudden and i do not feel like typing. blech. yesterday was really, really fun. normal church day, and went to the club afterwards = yummmmmness. still pissed about oscar tape-over. *sniff sniff* pathetic but NOT! cause j'adore lotr's clean sweep. ANYWAY. squaredancing last night ROCKED. daddy is a wonderful partner and we all had a great time. i really like the VA reel. it was all verrry good. came home and sorta studied for chem and COT essay.
today- COT essay was fine. chem... HAHAHA not. it sucked. i really didn't give it enough study attention but whatever. it's over now. mom checked me out at 11:15 for orthodonist appt and i got chik-fil-a for le dejeuner. they repositioned some brackets which really hurt one of my teeth and tightened wires and all that good stuff... so i cried after cause one tooth hurt reallllly bad and mom got me a brusters oreo shake. then i went back to school for the 2nd half of french and english. and now i am here. not tooooo much work... new copy o/ david copperfield cause the other was badly falling apart. YAWN. peace guys

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