Saturday, March 20, 2004

3:44 pm
HALLO! happy 1st real springy day!! it is a glooooorious one and an amazing weekend too. this week has been wonderful. but i spose i'll go back to yesterday-

school was fine. watched an interesting propaganda WW2 video in AP WH... it was geared towards the US soldiers saying "why are we fighting?" verrrry corny, including little american kids dropping coins into red cross jars while they showed japanese kids learning to fire guns. yeesh. no humanities paper!! yahoooo. and no testing next week, and my erp isn't due til after spring break probably. yayayayayay. in chemistry we took notes. i am almost done w/ my packet too. pheww. in french, we did current events and talked and read LPP. lunch was fun and wonderful comme d'habitude. in english we did caesar stuff. i am the court reporter for the trial w/ no contest!! hehe. ms. C says i can check out a laptop. oooh yay. then i went to the tennis match after school. so hung out at the westminster park place (that i never even knew was there) for about 3 hours or so with lizzie, LK, and megs, with each of them playing. i know nothing about tennis but it was very, very fun, and one of the most beautiful days of the year. seriously. then dad and i went to athen's and met mommy for dinner. yummm. dad said that on the day i was born, one of the ladies at athen's gave him $10. i think that is so cool. i never knew that. so we ate ourselves silly, and then came home and i watched "mr. holland's opus." such a great movie- sad but gorgeous. then watched "friends" and then went to sleep- dead tired.

... woke up around 9ish today, and decided to exercise by walking around the block with weights, which i did so and was done around 9:30. ate leftover pizza for breakfast and watched "fellowship of the cast" on LOTR extra (may 25!! eee!). then showered, hung out, ate pizza for lunch, and then mom and i went shopping for nearly 3 hours. yeesh. tiredness. but i needed new clothes. and i also got lots of pictures developed!!! ooooh they ROCK yall. how i love getting new ones. yayayayayay. that is the highlight of my day so far. tonight i think me, dad, and nana (the birthday lady almost) are going to shannon's play. should be fun. and i barely have hw!! yesss. busy and fun day demain as well. god be w/ mase and everyone. david sounds like he had a brilliant (in the words of the irish) time on his spring break... & it did NOT take me an hour to read his blog.

life is GREAT!

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