Saturday, March 27, 2004

3:41 pm
hi. yesterday after i wrote, i walked down to SMS to hang with marty and vic @ the JV lhs-dhhs baseball game. they creamed us 10-0 but i didn't really watch the game. we hung out there and then me, mase, and victor (and alana's little brother, i think that's who it was) played frisbee for awhile in the field. it was such a gorgeous evening. mason and i walked home, and the Ls followed us after awhile and we talked for about 30 minutes. it was funny. vic has no idea... about several things really, but one in particular is absolutely hysterical and i am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon, hehehe. dang my glasses are realllly dirty. anyway, i adore talking to them and i would have loved to spend the whole evening with them but i had work to do. soooo much stupid work to do. esp. C F's stupid, stupid essay. mom and dad wrote him an email asking for an extension cause there is NO WAY i can get it done- i have no time @ home tomorrow (and i spose i have been having fun most of today- plus thinking about my stupid, lost wallet). i realllllly want the program tomorrow night to go well. i am semi-nervous. yeeeesh. tomorrow afternoon is allie's party. AT LEAST IT IS A 4 1/2 DAY WEEK AND THEN WE HAVE SPRIIIIIIIIING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! :-D yesssssss. it is beautiful outside. i think i will go do something else. this is getting boring.

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