Sunday, March 07, 2004

10:55 pm
hallo. c'est SAMEDI. whoops had a hard time spellin it there for a sec. this morning i cleaned a little bit (ha) and watched the oscars that I HAVE on tape. note: if any one of my darling friends taped them, although i doubt it. we went to see uncle ed today. he is 91 and he looks and sounds great, extremely articulate with great stories to tell. the place he is in is nice as well, and i know that NN is happy about that. she is such a good little sister to take care of him. they are realllllly far apart in age which is so weird. about 15 yrs i think. then we got home and 2 straaaaaangely clad volleyball players raced up our driveway. hmmmm megs and LK? bien sur. they kidnapped me (not) and we worked some on our stupid ap takehome test which is actually pretty hard. oh and note: i did NO HW today except for that. which means FUN for tomorrow!! hahaha NOT again. then i went home around 7ish and mase is at zack's so mom and dad and i ate steak, my potatoes, and broccoli, and watched "school of rock." VERY Good film, i enjoy jack black a lot. i hope tomorrow it's as gorgeous as it was today, i am dying to wear a skirt to church. :) love

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