Sunday, March 21, 2004

10:15 pm
blah, i tell you, playing psychiatrist to two sisters in the same house at the same hour of the night is tiring. but i love my gals and i try to help them as best i can. :) :)
today was good. yaaawn. drove some in the mornin. then sang in church. TIRING and HOT and blaaahch. and wesley's sermon was annoying. me and megs were trying hard not to burst into cries of frustration. i'll go more into it tomorrow. then we had lunch @ the club for NN's 76th bday. fun fun fun and yummy. then went over to their maison for awhile. then to teri's for 06 mtg. verry productive. I LOVE THE MURAL IDEA!!! eee. then choir, then youth. interesting underground church program. i'm EXCITED about next sunday. YAAAWN bedtime.

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