Sunday, February 15, 2004

9:16 pm
hallo! how are yall today? i have had a busy one. but last night, me and megs watched "the truth about cats and dogs" and "the princess diaries" and ate BBQ chicken, corn, biscuits, deviled eggs, and cookies. mmmm. a very nice valentine's night if i do say so myself. j'adore my megs. then today we met at starbucks at 8 am and did chemistry for an hour and a half. cole came too. i am listening to COE- good times, a year ago around this time!! it was a great show to do. i loooved it. miss it. and miss buffy, alex, diane, austin. although today during choir alex and sistah e came to say hi!!! yay. i hope lots of people come to the play. anyway, back to me and megs studying. then she drove to the yaab and i had to walk... in the rain... it was FUN, let me tell you. yeesh it was major wetness. then we had sunday school. that was fun of course. john rocks. then we went to church. it was fun, i ran around a lot for some reason. then we went to the club for lunch!! mmmm.. macaroni and salmon and potatoes and roll and pecan pie...eeeeeeeeeee. and tea. then we went straight to rehearsal. it went well, i think we'll be ready by thursday or friday. *hope* it was fun. i like being the minister, while mollie is busy talking crazy, me, cole, and laine are just talking up there. hahaha. then we went to choir... ahhhhhhh. tiredness. but alex and sistah e dropped by for a sec!! it was good to see them. yea, i know i already said it but i had to put it in the right order, hee. then we went to youth. it was fun, a program on love and stuff since valentine's was yesterday and all. it was cool. we made cookies and rae taught us foxtrot!! hehe. and a hug circle. and i have NO SCHOOL TOMORROW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merci mon dieu. hmmm i should print this all out soon!!! love you all much

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