Sunday, February 08, 2004

7:03 pm
am skipping youth b/c i have:
a research paper i would like to finish
a group presentation tues. that i haven't started
to sleep

although i have accomplished:
my journale francais
farenheit 451 reading
7 pgs of my paper

i am not looking fwd to this week b/c:
i have a presentation
i have to understand chem better than i do
i have to memorize my lines
the work just keeps coming, never ending

i am looking fwd to this week b/c:
it is a 4 1/2 day week
i only have play practice on thurs
i have nothing really after school
i will be done with my paper
ditto with my presentation
phoebe's getting MARRIED!!! ("friends")
i wanna go see RoTK again

i didn't like today b/c:
i had to get out of my warm bed
i didn't go to the club
i feel like i've been grouchy to people & i hate that
i had to work a lot on my paper
and i hope it's good
and i hope i'm not rushing things

i did like today b/c:
i liked my outfit
went to starbucks
sang well in church
ate churches for lunch
mmmm honey biscuits mm
worked more
went to play mtg
which was v. informative and good
finished some hw

OK and now i must work more
Happy birthday eric!

--trying-to-be-calm-and-non-stressed-out clairey

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