Thursday, February 12, 2004

5:44 pm
today was a good day. & still is.
breakfast club twas yummy. j'adore le pancakes d'yvonnes. ap world- coach was still not there and student teacher couldn't get projector to work on normal computer so we watched some of "braveheart". hahaha! funny. i had my hand up to my eyes the whole time. i want to go to scotland!!! and BACK to ireland so so so much. i miss it tons. chemistry was fine. i love soffe! she is so great, makes me laugh. and lauren and LN are fun. i really do enjoy my school. even though i gripe about it so goshdang much. you know me, miss-overreaction-perfection. not ALL the time. in french we did our presentation which i was glad to get out of the way. mme jules rocks my world. and MK and jo are wonderful. so nice to have them around. lunch was crowded. so hard to believe another yr will be over in less than 4 months!!! eeee! i love eating lunch with paul, it always makes my day a little better. in english we kept wa tching "fahrenheit 451" which is HILARIOUS. i cannot get past the fact that it's supposed to be FUTURISTIC like past our time, and it was made in 1964 and it is just really, really bad. and TOTALLY 60s. i mean, it's like they didn't TRY to make it futuristic!! hahahahaha. rehearsal in an hour or so... must be off book!!! so should probably go practice. demain is a 1/2 day!! yay! lunch out with mom maybe, then maybe me and allie will go see rotk!! that would make me oh-so-happy. then rehearsal saturday, then i think i want to have a "yay single peoples" night with the glenn gals. that would be funness. cause my other fam shall be out doing other things. sunday is the wonderful routine, + clubbing it, + looong rehearsal... but the best part? PAS DE L'ECOLE LUNDI!!! merci mes presidents. okeeee gotta go do something constructive. like learn lines before 7 pm. love,

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